Don’t use emoticons (And other useful career advice)

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The first time you enter the workforce – the corporate kind – it’s the beginning of a huge learning curve. You swan in with your university degree and self-proclaimed “life experience” and can’t help but shake that excitedly expectant feeling that you’ll be the next Harvey Spector… But, as it turns out, a piece of stamped paper and volunteering in South East Asia for 5 minutes isn’t much help when it comes to navigating the do’s and don’ts of office life. After nearly 9 years in the corporate world (gah!), here are the 10 lessons I think it’s good to learn early - whether you’re a university graduate or moving from professional services (law, accounting and consultancy firms) into the “real ...


5 Things Successful Job Hunters Do To Get Hired

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Over the past 15 years, I've applied for at least 50 jobs and internships and interviewed for close to 30. Everything from a bakery, hardware store, supermarket, hospital, temping agency, engineering company to law firm. It doesn't matter what the position, there is a method to the madness of getting hired in this economy. Here are the 5 things every successful job hunter does to get hired: 1. Reach out before you dish out Over 80% of jobs are never advertised - they are usually filled internally or through existing networks, as it saves the employer time and money. So, personal connections are clearly important in the employment process. If you're responding to a job advertisement, try to make contact with someone at ...