A Search for Inspiration

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This week I've been feeling a little stuck creatively. A combination of writer's block, a super hectic work schedule and some negative self-talk quickly led to this feeling of frustrated panic. Creativity needs room to breathe and I think I was suffocating it - instead of respecting its natural rhythm, I was trying to force it into my already jam-packed schedule and factor it into my ever-growing "to do" list. The inner control freak in me was in minor meltdown. How (and where!) did I lose that creative drive that I had the week before? So, I did what anyone looking for answers would do - I turned to google. And I found the inspiration I needed in this article  - The Most Innovative ...

Who is on your shelf of mentors?
by Phoebe Vertigan

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Last month I attended a great presentation by Jane Huxley, the Managing Director of Pandora Australia. Reflecting on her diverse and interesting career, Jane shared some of the lessons that she has learned along the way. If you ever get a chance to see Jane talk, I highly recommend it – the audience was buzzing afterwards! One concept that I loved was Jane’s “shelf of mentors”. A shelf of mentors is a “pick and mix” approach to mentoring. It is about drawing knowledge and inspiration from a range of different people, and knowing that each mentor has their own special place on your shelf. You might have someone that you look to when you are after a promotion, someone in a ...