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It seemed only fitting that my second Lifehack article be more “wings” than “roots”. So, here are the 16 Best Travel Apps You Must Have For Your Next Trip. I’ve tried and tested all of these!

However, I’ve recently decided that the Jetlag Genie – although great in theory – is not the ideal way to handle jetlag. I know this, because I’m writing this post from LAX after a 14 hour flight from Melbourne, while waiting for my (delayed – grr!) flight to JFK.

This week I used the Jetlag Genie to try adjusting to the NY timezone before my trip and maximise my holiday time (by waking up at stupid times like 4.30am on a Tuesday). All that’s happened, is I’ve thoroughly confused my body clock and have felt really tired for days already. So I couldn’t even sleep on the plane. You want to know my 3 tried-and-tested tips for beating jet lag?


1. Hydrate 

Drink heaps of water before, during and after your flight. I read somewhere once that a 14 hour flight has the same dehydration effect on your body as 30 minutes in the Sahara desert. So, sip the aqua all flight long! (But, a cheeky glass of wine to “help you sleep” is ok in my books too).


2. Wear compression tights or Skins 

I swear by the Travel & Recovery Skins. They help your circulation during the flight, which is not only good for preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis, but also keeps fresh oxygenated blood going to your muscles throughout the flight. Oxygen is crucial for (life, and) feeling fresh – it’s why they also encourage stretching and walking during the flight.


3. Change your phone/watch time

I always change my phone/watch to the destination time when I board the plane and work from that. If it’s day time when you arrive, try to stay awake until at least 9pm. Usually, it only takes about 24 hours to adjust. Going back home is another story!

So, oxygen and water essential for beating jetlag – changing your sleeping patterns days before your flight, most probably not.


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  • Phoebe
    August 31, 2014

    Great tips Emma, I do like to mix up my water with the occasional G&T as well. Getting up at 4.30am pre-holiday sounds pretty horrific though, especially because I am always up late doing last minute packing! Absolutely loving your New York pics on Instagram, I am completely green with jealously. Have a fabulous time – talk soon! xx

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