Lifehacks for Innovative Meetings

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It’s kind of ironic really. When I started my career, I thought attending meetings was the pinnacle of success – sitting in board rooms, suited up with pen and notepad in hand, looking out the window at the surrounding skyscrapers. Being asked to attend a client or executive meeting was a badge of honour I would proudly wear. Now – fast forward 5 + years – and I dread attending most meetings. Lawyers bill time in 6 minute intervals, which has a way of making you acutely aware of when you are “wasting” time – and I’ve carried that mentality with me since leaving a law firm. Most meetings are an unproductive and inefficient use of valuable workday minutes.

The world’s most innovative companies – like Google, Apple, Virgin and Yahoo – recognise the danger of meetings and know how to keep them productive and creative spaces for achieving organisational and team goals.

Here is my second article for Lifehack – 15 Secrets To Running Meetings Like The World’s Top Innovative Companies.

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