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So I chose my first “Extracts of a Travel Diary” post from my most recent overseas adventure. But (surprise, surprise) my journal entries have not always been quite so profound. Recently, I came across my very first journal entry from when this whole wanderlust thing really started. After quitting my job as a junior lawyer, I left Perth airport on the 18th of June 2010 for an 8 month solo adventure around Europe. I remember the feeling before I left, like I was going up against the world – just me, myself and I. It was terrifying and exciting and everything in between. The first few pages of my travel diary from that trip, however, proved to be quite an amusing read:

[In the Qantas lounge at Singapore airport]

I am a bit sad about leaving everyone but not nearly as scared as I expected. Am fabulous, single woman conquering the world!


[12 hours later]

Admittedly, a TAD overwhelmed by the time I reached Athens airport…. I think I need to take things one day or one hour at a time. I’m feeling a niggling of homesickness but I know that’s normal and will pass. If I focus on it, I start to panic, realising how far from home I am and how alone I really am in this (now, slightly bigger) world.


[4 hours later]

Think will need to re-assess packing situation – am already annoying myself and making a mess of things. Cannot possibly continue like this for 8 months.

Needless to say, I got better at the packing / unpacking / repacking routine. Also, the more I travelled, the smaller the world got. It didn’t seem so scary and I didn’t feel the need to conquer it – just understand it and find my place in it. Those 8 months were some of the most challenging, amazing, terrifying and fun filled of my life (so far). I’m so glad I kept a diary of it and can read back over that chapter of my life with a knowing-smile.

With Love

P.S. This photo is one of my all time favourite travel snaps – taken of a fisherman in Santorini.

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  • Amy
    May 18, 2014

    Very Bridget Jones of you!!

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